Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"PULSE" - Kristen Bell

“Pulse,” starred by Kristen Bell together with Ian Somerhalder and Isabell Fuentes.

Based over 2001 the film “Kairo,” the “Pulse” continues the regular invasion of the aesthetic American film Japanese of horror.

To the difference of the majority of American films of the kind, which connects all points, the bad one condemns and inevitably allows the good to triumph over a clearly drawn evil; the Japanese create an image much blurrier and finally more worrying of the intersection of the life after death with our world.

Here are a framework of 20 something the friends dropped like bad connections from cellphone - initially dissatisfied turning and without goal (and that is different how?), then as mysterious suicides. The culprit? An annoyed and annoyed band deaths, which are led to their victims via the electronic signals of the computers, PDAs, the cellphones and the similar ones.

The vision of director Jim Sonzero' S is splendid so sinister, the high one of moulding goes up as dirty concrete fortresses of alienation and to paint this apocalyptic landscape with an acid brush of Juste of color out of Hitchcock. The “impulse” shakes in the places, although only one flexible cousin and nerdy “with the ring” and “resentment. ” Deaths want more life, a character indicates. But what exactly wants to make they with him?

"Pulse" movie trailer:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kristen Bell At Star Wars Celebration IV

As if to hold the first role Star Wars Celebration IV could not have been more impressive, it proves Kristin Bell was there. The Veronica Mars hold the first role revealed in a tee-shirt of wars to hold the first role to support its film, Fanboys, a film approximately a group of friends who travel to the ranch of Skywalker to see the phantom threat before it is released.

Personally, I saw only Kristin Bell in the few episodes of the deadwood which it was inside, but it did an impressive work. Without worrying, I am a ventilator of any hot girl in a tee-shirt of wars to hold the first role. And I am even more than one ventilator of a hot girl in a Slavic getup of Leia.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kristen Bell - Geek of the Week

Kristen Bell fanatic eclaireassuch nominated little Miss Veronica Mars as geeksugar's Geek of the Week after creating a Veronica Mars fanclub. The funny thing is, Kristen just happens to be featured on the cover of this month's Geek Monthly, a hot new magazine that covers all things geek. I have to concur, Kristen manages to play up the chic geek role better than anyone these days. "She's always using crazy gadgets (on Veronica Mars) that I have no idea where her character gets the money for - and she carries a taser. I'm not sure if that's geeky or gangsta, but still. She's also always outfiting iPod shuffles and little tiny things with minuscule cameras. If that's realistic, you'd have to be really geeky to know how to do that."

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kristen Bell's premiere on Hairspray

Kristen Bell's premiere on Hairspray

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Kristen Bell Earns Fashion Raves

The choices of model of Kristen Bell extended from the wild copies and almost overpowering and the dresses weirdly built with the beautiful glance that it fĂ´latre with the right-hand side (yes, we are ventilators of the red lips of old man-school). Although it was torn above in the past for its adventurous equipment, Kristen gaining of the praises recently tastes of the musty smell yourself gallons and of going. And we are made quiver! We always liked the manner that Kristen does not follow the obvious way to the model of starlet. She continues us the estimate. And yes, it had some lack… but which does not have? It proves to be right that she east human (with the difference of some celebs we are still not sure about…). What of the types do you think? Are you ventilators of the model of Kristen? Or are you occupied with too crying the end of Veronica Mars to worry about its last dresses?