Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kristen Bell In New Movie Entitled When In Rome

Jon Heder, who played in "Napoleon Dynamite" and skated opposite Will Ferrell in "Blades of Glory", is venturing into the digital entertainment as the star of the zombie comedy "Woke Up Dead."

The script online series, created by John Fascano and agricultural production by Electric Entertainment, one of the centers of the University of Southern California student who wakes up in the morning in a bathtub and suspects he might be dead.

"Death," which was developed with Heder in the spirit of initiative, will include 50 minutes of three episodes for online and mobile distribution to the USA

The science-fiction thriller comedy marks a change for Electric farms because it is live-action with little CGI elements. (His first drama online, "excess" is 2,5-D-animated series, while the science-fiction "Gemini Division," with Rosario Dawson, develop elements 3-D animated environments.)

Sony Pictures TV International is co-produce and distribute internationally "Dead" on mobile, broadband and traditional television.

Heder recently wrapped the feature comedy "When in Rome", which stars Kristen Bell.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kristen Bell Supports Male Nudity

Kristen Bell is blonde, beautiful, brainy ... And happy to support her male co-star in his nude scene in the upcoming "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Kristen Bell, "Heroes," "Gossip Girl" and "Veronica Mars," stars in the heavily marketed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which is also illustrated by her partner Jason Segal, ah, completely naked on several occasions. Segal and support the role of the daring, our "heroes" donned a tell-all T-shirt.

"The costume designer to make T-shirts that had the statue of David on the front, leaving us all you know whats on the front of our jerseys and had few words on the back like" Keep it up, Jas ! "We tried to be as supportive as possible," said Kristen Bell. "We were not allowed to laugh."

But Kristen Bell is certainly glad she did not have to "show her breasts," and is all about girl power.

"The great advantage is that this is not the exploitation of the way, [as] 'let's just show breasts." There really is not much nudity in the movie, unless it's Jason, and he wrote, and I think it's really incredible, "said Kristen Bell.

"Not that I am promoting see more male nudity in the film. But in fact, if you are not just looking on an equal plane, you do not see a lot of guys who are need to know and do nudity, "Did she added.

Hmm, but we are somewhat concerned that Segal had become a little too comfortable flashing the flesh.

"It's actually encouraged. Everybody likes me to be as naked as possible everywhere I go now," said Segal. "I do not know how to get tourism, but we must find and give it a short-lived experience."

Sorry, Jas, we have not heard of tourism United States about this idea just yet.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kristen Bell Upcoming New T.V. show

The clan Apatow is back again, but with a different spin. I like the fact that it allows each Apatow talented actors of his original projects to come back and take a break on the big screen one at a time. In the same vein of The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad… Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell) pretends to be a comedy scandal, but eventually find a way to relate to everyone on a level much more emotional.

Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) has a lot going for him. He is a composer for a hit television show, which also celebrates its very hot stars and friend Sarah Marshall (
Kristen Bell). When Sarah Marshall dumps him for an English rock star (Russell Brand), his whole life seems to fall apart. Peter fled to Hawaii to get away, but instead is checking at the same hotel as Sarah and his new flame. Fortunately, Peter meets Racheal and find a reason to move forward.

When I first saw the trailer for this film, I was not expecting much. I thought there was no way Apatow that these vehicles can keep their momentum. I was also skeptical of the new man front, Jason Segel. I loved Segel in "Freaks and Geeks" and "illegal", and therefore I am fully confident in his abilities, not simply the man as a leader in a big budget comedy. I was wrong. It was fantastic, and will now have the opportunity to star again and again. His performance was dead on what you want on a Apatow comedy, and there are certainly a few moments outrageous. It went very well across the two beautiful women who are also in this film.

Kristen Bell is running in the first performance of her career with this film. I have never been a fan of all of his work, and always saw her as just a pretty face. Well, not only has she a pretty face of it, it has also played a major obstacle to Segel. Another pretty face of it, was Mila Kunis. It was far more sexy that I never thought, and played a big role. Usually, "the new girl" is hokey, but Kunis is indeed very pleasing to look at.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Kristen Bell At The 16th Annual Conference of the Alzheimer's Disease Association

Kristen Bell was among those gathered at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday night for the 16th annual conference of the Alzheimer's Disease Association "A Night at Sardi's" advantage.

For the occasion, in which Boston Legal creator David E. Kelley was honored for his portrait of Alzheimer's disease on the show, the 27-year-old actress lent her voice to sing a celebrity-filled version of Bye Bye Birdie.

The show was directed by Jason Alexander Seinfeld alum and according to reports USA Today, "The Ballroom of the hotel was transformed to resemble the famous New York restaurant for which the event is named."

Joining the Heroes hottie Birdie in the production were performers such as Vanessa Williams, Lea Thompson, Ana Ortiz, Zachary Quinto, and Zachary Levi.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kristen Bell Is Ready To Star In "When In Rome"

American Actress Kristen Bell is ready to star in "When in Rome", Mark Steven Johnson, who is running for Disney.

Mark is also the scriptwriter of the film, which starts shooting March 31 in New York and Rome.

The film will feature
Kristen Bell in the role of a success-based Gotham real estate agent who can not find a lasting relationship, says Variety magazine.

The woman took off for marriage after her younger sister marries impulsively in Rome.

Meanwhile, she collects coins from a reputation "fountain of love", leading to an overabundance of contenders awaiting his return home.

Kristen Bell, who was part of the 'Heroes' cast of this last season, will now be seen playing the title role in the comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," produced and written by Judd Apatow for Universal.

She will also appear in "Fanboys" for the Weinstein Co.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kristen Bell Finds Love

Kristen Bell went to Disney. She's done a rom-com for them and director Mark Steven Johnson, in which she plays a museum curator who steals magic coins from a fountain in Rome and suddenly finds himself pursued by a group of overly aggressive suitors. For Kristen Bell, it is undoubtedly a Tuesday, but apparently for his character is out of the ordinary.

HR said the film When in Rome, which is, of course, derived from the biblical proverb which goes "in Rome during steal something, and run the house." The Apostle Paul argued that one I think. Terrible klepto Paul. Little known. Most people think he has earned his living in tents, but the truth is it only used preaching as a way to distract people while rifle through their pockets. Can not help himself, poor fellow.

Kristen Bell seems to be no problems in obtaining parts, even if it is yet to hit anything great after the cancellation of his geek favorable television series Veronica Mars. It's really not his fault, it's just that none of her films were released. Fanboys was postponed indefinitely for the eleventeenth time in a row. Forgetting Sarah Marshall will not hit theaters for a few months, and it is not the kind of lead and instead of the dog. It is quite a leap from Bell to give a leading role in its own rom-com, but I am happy to see him, even if it is almost certain to suck. Rom-com forever. But if one has to make a nice meeting, the magic pennies rom-com and you need a blonde with abs and scandalous nerdy fans, so why not Kristen Bell.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kristen Bell's Top 5 To Attract Fanboys

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3. Sarah Marshall Bikini Shot

2. Complex Magazine

1. Leia Costume