Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kristen Bell Supports Male Nudity

Kristen Bell is blonde, beautiful, brainy ... And happy to support her male co-star in his nude scene in the upcoming "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Kristen Bell, "Heroes," "Gossip Girl" and "Veronica Mars," stars in the heavily marketed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which is also illustrated by her partner Jason Segal, ah, completely naked on several occasions. Segal and support the role of the daring, our "heroes" donned a tell-all T-shirt.

"The costume designer to make T-shirts that had the statue of David on the front, leaving us all you know whats on the front of our jerseys and had few words on the back like" Keep it up, Jas ! "We tried to be as supportive as possible," said Kristen Bell. "We were not allowed to laugh."

But Kristen Bell is certainly glad she did not have to "show her breasts," and is all about girl power.

"The great advantage is that this is not the exploitation of the way, [as] 'let's just show breasts." There really is not much nudity in the movie, unless it's Jason, and he wrote, and I think it's really incredible, "said Kristen Bell.

"Not that I am promoting see more male nudity in the film. But in fact, if you are not just looking on an equal plane, you do not see a lot of guys who are need to know and do nudity, "Did she added.

Hmm, but we are somewhat concerned that Segal had become a little too comfortable flashing the flesh.

"It's actually encouraged. Everybody likes me to be as naked as possible everywhere I go now," said Segal. "I do not know how to get tourism, but we must find and give it a short-lived experience."

Sorry, Jas, we have not heard of tourism United States about this idea just yet.


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