Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kristen Bell Finds Love

Kristen Bell went to Disney. She's done a rom-com for them and director Mark Steven Johnson, in which she plays a museum curator who steals magic coins from a fountain in Rome and suddenly finds himself pursued by a group of overly aggressive suitors. For Kristen Bell, it is undoubtedly a Tuesday, but apparently for his character is out of the ordinary.

HR said the film When in Rome, which is, of course, derived from the biblical proverb which goes "in Rome during steal something, and run the house." The Apostle Paul argued that one I think. Terrible klepto Paul. Little known. Most people think he has earned his living in tents, but the truth is it only used preaching as a way to distract people while rifle through their pockets. Can not help himself, poor fellow.

Kristen Bell seems to be no problems in obtaining parts, even if it is yet to hit anything great after the cancellation of his geek favorable television series Veronica Mars. It's really not his fault, it's just that none of her films were released. Fanboys was postponed indefinitely for the eleventeenth time in a row. Forgetting Sarah Marshall will not hit theaters for a few months, and it is not the kind of lead and instead of the dog. It is quite a leap from Bell to give a leading role in its own rom-com, but I am happy to see him, even if it is almost certain to suck. Rom-com forever. But if one has to make a nice meeting, the magic pennies rom-com and you need a blonde with abs and scandalous nerdy fans, so why not Kristen Bell.

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